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This is a platform game. At the time of creating the music and sounds, it seemed appropriate to create sounds that would give the player a rhythm of movement while our hero escapes from the robots. The implementation of the sound was in-game with Unity 3D and the sound manipulation with Ableton Live.


A puzzle game that sometimes can be hard to finish, it seemed very appropriate that the music transmits calm, and the effects give the water sensations of the environment. Sound manipulation with Ableton Live. Music and sound were implemented in unity 3D.

EL VIAJE (The Journey) [12/2020]

A journey with an unexpected ending. In this game, I created relaxing and dreamy music, with sound effects that appeared at the right time and recorded and edited voices in Spanish and English. Everything was created in Ableton Live and implemented in Unity 3D.

CATZZLE [01/2021]

Was our cat gone back into hiding? For this game, I focus on the warm and loving sounds and music surrounding the world of cats creating a perfect environment for the player. The Foley sound of the house and artefact were created in Ableton and implemented in Unity 3D.

Lulu y sus Slimes [09/2021]

Help the young Witch and her Brother to defend themselves from the horrors of the Forest, armed only with your memory and the ability to create strange creatures through the union of ingredients in a peculiar Cauldron. Put your skill, memory and luck to the test in this adventure for survival.

Kitty Moon [11/2021]

Help Kitty Moon return to their home planet in this narrative adventure! This story begins when a race of cats wanted to conquer the universe. They were called Kittymoon. A small adventurer cat who decided to go as far as possible, with the objective of discovering all the secrets of the universe.

This is how I organized my Trello board to create and implement sound in Unity using FMOD for the game Inner Space. You can watch the videos here:

«If there is something that you feel is good, something you want to do, something that means something to you… try to do it, because I think that you can only do your best work if you are doing what you want to do and if you are doing it the way you think it should be done.»

Stan Lee